The stored view addon

Hi developpers,

This is my first message in this forum.
As a non coder blender addict, I would like to thank you first,
then I would like to ask you if the adaptation of the ‘stored view’ addon was possible.

It used to allow the saving of the visibility state of every objects of the scene at once, and other scene properties like the render mode.

I do not even find the youtube video that shows how it used to work on previous versions any more, but it would help me a lot if it was restored in 2.8.

This one?

It looks it was kind of working up till 2.81?

Edit: It’s part of the Blender install now it seems, and working in v.283 as well.

Yes, your video is the one I was searching for.
It is integrated but lost the ability to store the visibility state and the display parameters; sothat it only leaves the storage of the camera position.

Also, there does not seem to be any difference between view and point of view(POV); nor between activating a camera by clicking on its name or by clicking on the screen icon.

I don’t know how similar Blender and 3DSlicer are…