The problems of coherence and use that has generated the change of tool shelf

In Blender 3.0 they have changed the way the tool shelf works, technically I have not found a real justification for the change but officially it is for the coherence of the interaction mode menu being next to the editor type menu. I have not been able to find any other official explanation no matter how many times I have asked.

This small change seems to me that it is not sufficiently justified and has generated a cascade of incredible UX and interface problems to simply move a button. The reason is that this has also moved the menus (that have to be next to the interaction mode button) and the transformation properties (pivot, snap, proportional editing,…) converting the header and the tool shelf in an area of the interface without coherence or clear purpose.

Problems that have been fixed

  • Consistency in the position of the interaction mode button.

Problems that have been generated

  • You can’t do simple operations like grab without hide all the info that you could need in the operation (snap, proportional, pivot,…). Because all the transform operation are now hide (Try it)
  • It breaks the coherence of a header only for mode/tool tools and another one for the general elements of the area. With this change the tool options are divided between both headers (because in one of them go now the options like location, origin, correct texture and in another one the pivot, etc…).
  • It is therefore not possible to work with the separate headers above and below because it is uncomfortable.
  • If someone does not want to work with the tool settings header, since it now spoils the experience completely by splitting the options, he is forced to use it anyway because without it the basic options that are used hundreds of times in a session are unusable in the editor.
  • Again we are limited when working with the maximized area, because without these tool settings the only way to access them is through a tedious way that goes through the property editor.
  • Options that can completely destroy your work are hidden from the user’s eye, mainly correcting the UVs when editing the mesh. That was already a problem in 2.93 and now it is seriously worsened.
  • It forces the main header to be even more crowded, eliminating one of the main virtues of the tool settings header (Which is curious because it was the only reason to implement the toolshelf in 2.8.)

As the creator of the toolshelf design I think this change should be undone because simply moving a button should not cause so many problems to users. In the end they have to use hotkeys and simply ignore the viewport menus because they are less effective.

Moreover, the problem is very obvious when you simply switch from object or edit mode to sculpt mode. Because if you do it all the tool tools disappear from the “normal” header to appear the sculpt mode tools in the toolshelf.

Blender 2.93 Object Mode (all tools in the top)

Blender 2.93 Sculpt (All tools in the top)

Blender 3.0 Object mode (ToolShelf in the top but tool properties down)

Blender 3.0 Sc ulpt mode (All tools options in the top)

As the original designer of the toolshelf I offer myself to give advice to solve the current problems of the toolshelf.