The poorly exposed Scene Strip properties, which results in bad UX:

The Scene Stip contains hidden and convoluted options, which are not very user friendly.

In the Input there are only two options:

Camera and Sequencer, however it is also possible to get Compositor output into the sequencer, but this option is not exposed in the enum, and it should.

To get the compositor output into the scene strip, the users need to have these settings(3.0):

  • Properties > Post Processing > Compositor to ON
  • View > Scene Strip Display > Rendered
  • Scene Strip > Input Camera
  • Compositor > Use Nodes > Checked

This is simply too convoluted for most people to figure out, so having a Compositor option in the enum should simply auto-set these options.

When choosing Camera in the enum Properties > Post Processing > Compositor should be unchecked automatically, and - Compositor > Use Nodes > Unchecked or else the Camera will not be visible in the Scene Strip.

Also, when choosing Sequencer in the enum Properties > Post Processing > Sequencer should be checked automatically.

As the Properties > Post Processing > Compositor/Sequencer settings are for the full scene the above mentioned settings could instead be implemented for each strip like ex. waveform drawing.

When choosing Camera, it is first in Override Camera mode.
This mode will show the 3d view from the current selected camera in that scene. There is no information in the UI that this is actually what is happening. When you have selected a camera, there is no way to go back to the Override setting. So in other words, this should be exposed as an option in the camera selector enum.

In the camera selector enum, all cameras from all scenes are exposed, and this is very confusing.
So, only cameras from that particular scene should be exposed and selectable.

The icon of the camera selector is misleading, since you can only select cameras, and therefore should be a camera icon.