The concept of the animation timeline seems to be a little behind, a little idea about the animation function

Traditional animation is the expansion of the timeline-driven storyline.

Advantage does not seem to have,
The downside is that many duplicates require human control and are awkward.

I have found that many times animations need to be driven by events to drive changes in logic and objects.
Their results can be random or absolute.

This is very similar to the game. A lot of less important things are automatically triggered by events to get good results.

It has the advantage of being able to handle the interaction of many characters and scenes flexibly and automatically.

Very convenient and flexible compared to manually setting keyframes.

So I think that Blender can consider the concept of event-driven as part of the animation function even if the game module is removed.

With the advent of interactive video, I think this may be the future trend. There will always be boundaries between games and animations, but there will be overlaps between them.

Maybe the animation of the future is real-time rendering, which can interact with the audience in real time.

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That is what is planned to be done.
Removal of logic bricks was analyzed as a lost by developers who wished to create an interactive mode.
This project would need a nodal UI. In parallel, there was the idea of nodal UI for modifiers, constraints, physics simulations called “Everything nodes project”.

So, interactive mode is in stand-by as long as “Everything Nodes” basics are settled.
Currently, Jacques Lucke is working on it through creation of Particles nodes.
If it goes fine with particles, principles could be expanded to other things.


If it can be achieved, it is really an exciting and great change.
Cheers for developers :+1: