The camera movement needs it's own undo, currently no way to undo an accidental camera movement

The camera movement needs it’s own undo, currently no way to undo an accidental camera movement unless you’re lucky enough to have not intentionally moved the camera since the last save, in which case you can import it in.


You mean the 3D View? I get where you are coming from, as many operations depend on how it is positioned. Do you have concrete examples of how accidentally changing it messes up your workflow?

This is a standard feature in other 3d apps,so yeah, it would be nice to have that in blender…


Yes, for example if since the last save I have moved the camera and then rendered an animation containing some of the 3d elements with the intention of then rendering other elements and putting them together in comp, but then accidentally move the camera because I’ve forgotten to uncheck “lock camera to view”, then there’s no way to get my camera back to where it was, so I have to re-render everything again.

In max for example you have shift + z to undo camera/viewport movements, and ctrl + z to undo everything else. So in blender perhaps there could be a seperate undo history just for camera movement. It would only need to contain around 10 undo’s, because generally you realise what you’ve done almost immediately.


Could throw an addon at this which just saves the camera position every second if it has changed (for a maximum of 10 or so, as you mentioned)

I like your thinking. Is that something you can do?

You can always keyframe location and rotation of camera at frame 0, then you can simply go back to frame 0 to restore camera position, alignment, etc. I do this as a “fall back” in case everything else fails… Having said that a history would be nice, same applies for the cursor position as well.

Cheers, Clock.


The other method is to have an empty where the camera should be, aligned as the camera, then add a Copy Transforms to the camera with the empty as the target, just set the influence to 0 to move the camera where you want it, then set it back to 1 to put the camera back to default position and alignment.

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He is talking about the 3D View, not Camera objects, unless you are going to blow my mind with the 3D View being animatable.

I mean the 3d camera view, but the perspective view would also be handy to have it’s own undo’s.

I’d say give each view type it’s own undo history of maybe 5 - 10 moves each ,and then shift + z would automtaically undo the last movement of whichever view you’re currently in (camera, perspective, front, side etc).


I think I have finally lost all confidence in my understanding of what we are talking about.

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`+1 (view active camera)
-> lock camera to view

now move your viewport, the camera moves.
can’t undo it


Hi Guys,

I new to blender, i dont know if this is what you are looking. I have locked the camera to view and have set my camera to the scene, now I accidentally moved the camera by tumbling around in the viewport.

This is the case here i guess.

So what i did is select the camera in the outliner (if not selected it will just undo the other stuffs) and press ctrl+z so it undo the camera view.

I hope it is clear.

Using Blender 2.83


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Oof. You should really give your camera a keyframe or some other form of location saving (pose, null object etc.) first before doing something as critical as rendering a whole scene. And I mean either way - regardless of Blender being able to undo camera movement or not. It can happen that you move your camera ever so slightly without noticing and then passing the point of undo history, either way - in that case you’d still be sacrewed and couldn’t blame it on the software (yeah, has happened to me :wink: )

That being said: Yes. Blender still should have a camer position undo history.100% agree.

This should have been there from the start. It’s ludicrous that Blender doesn’t keep a history of view changes. @SpookyDoom - how often have you created a camera and forgotten to keyframe it even if you would normally do that? Or intentionally moved it and forgotten to save that. This shouldn’t be on the user to add extra steps!

Pretty much sums up what I meant to say with my post.
So … uhm. yeah. I agree, I guess? :sweat_smile:

Why it is not fixed? Such basic and important feature. I don’t understand why it is not working. Please don’t give me workarounds with keyframing or writing addons.

In that case you replied to the wrong person, mate. I’m not a developer.
If it makes you feel any better: I was just thinking the same thing today, as I accidentally moved my camera with “lock to camera” and wasn’t able to undo. I feel your pain and I’d love to see this resolved as well. Just that I can’t help you. Sorry. :sweat_smile:

Sorry, I wasn’t referring to you. It was a question in general. I’ve reported this on Blender developers website.

Yes I agree. this is a very important feature. Maya has brackets that are undo or cinema 4D has its own as well. Super important. Blender not having this make projection making a little bit nerve wracking in case something gets messed up.