The Cache frame range for Fluid and Rigid body physics should sync with the Timeline frame range

Hey guys, I have my own startup file with my own Timeline frame start and finish range.
And every time I go to make a physics simulation I have to adjust the Cache frame range either for the Mantaflow Fluid simulation, the Rigid Body World or both.

But even with Blender’s default startup file, the Mantaflow cache is different from the timeline (1-50 instead of 1-250)

For example, if you have a Rigid Body and Mantaflow simulation at the same time and you change your Timeline frame range you then need to also change that same frame ranges in two different places for two different caches’

This is kinda counterintuitive and unproductive.

The solution to this problem is this, in my opinion:
The two physics cache frame ranges should be synced with the timeline frame range. So you don’t have to adjust it every time you change your timeline length.

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The fluid cache default range has been changed to 1-250 in master (2.90), so at least the defaults will now all match.

However, the change was implemented on May 17th, which was after 2.83 updates had been changed to be bug fixes only.

I tried adding a driver to the rigid body cache end frame, using the timeline end frame as an input, but it doesn’t work.

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I am hitting this same issue and agree that the default behavior should have the simulation end frame match the timeline. It is especially difficult with students who follow a tutorial and then are completely lost as to why the simulation has stopped.