Texturing, Baking, Brush System improvements

Hello Blender Community!

I am currently looking into ways to Improve Blenders Texturing capabilities. I am a blender artist from germany, that also knows a thing or two about coding and I have also managed to gather another fellow coder to support me during development.
I’m making this thread because of the whole Substance Situation but also because of the Blender Found Streachgoals regarding Texturing improvements and I’m looking forward to your ideas and feedback regarding this topic.

I think the main weakspots of blender regarding texture painting are currently

  • a lack of utility in baking
  • the brush system
  • missing artist utilities such as guiding lines in texture painting, stabilizers, layers (can only be done with the help of node editor currently)
  • lacking interface between texture painting and node editor (therefore lacking support for filters or procedural masks)
  • a lack of presets (i know this is kind of a difficult topic with vanilla blender and probably will need an addon to be addressed)
  • lack of global color palletes)
  • no support for normal brushes
  • improper support for particle brushes
    I’ll post suggestions to fix some of thoise issues, but I first want to hear a bit about your thoughts on those topics and also mabye some other problems I probably have missed.
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If the thread is for gathering feedback and ideas, best do it in the user feedback section. If you start developing a particular feature the general development for or developer.blender.org are good to get feedback. But there’s too many different topics listed in this thread for specific discussion about development, each is already a major project.

Oh okay, I’ll relocate it ASAP (and I am aware all of those are pretty major things to develop) and as soon as I start development on a particular list item (probably the node/paint interface) I’ll get back here.

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Hi, maybe you should make a thread on Blender Artists for more feedback.

Oh I realised you’ve relocated it already … thank you :3

That was great advice. ^^;