Texture Painting in Blender

Texture painting in Blender

Will texture painting in Blender in anyway get improvements?

I see a lot of great work been done in Sculpting, modeling, animation, compositing, Grease pencil and the rest but there’s nothing really New in Texture painting mode it’s really lacking many features please let it follow along and get improvements.

*Newer brushes (like stamp brush for stamping textures or images)
*particle brushes
*text brush (for writing stuffs onto textures)

common, there’s more to Texture Painting

  • You actually have layers, only that is hard to use.
  • you can do stamp brush
  • Particles brushes is not popular in substance, but I don’t see reason to don’t do it in blender.
  • Text brush is not necesasary, blender need to improve the texture nodes and add a text node, more easy I think.
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Pablo Dobarro, the main sculpt mode dev, plans to improve Texture Paint. We just need to figure out a way to make clones of him so he can work on all areas at once. :wink:

You can see a few Texture Paint things on the todos, including image layers: https://developer.blender.org/T63745