Texture baking: we need albedo, metallic, specular, subsurface scattering (amount) and subsurface scattering color

I know the work-around of plugging anything into the emission input and baking emit, but that is very time consuming when you are baking multiple objects and textures.

We need to be able to bake albedo/base color (diffuse takes the lighting into consideration), metallic, specular, subsurface scattering amount and subsurface scattering color without having to plug each one to the emission input and then changing back and plugging the next one…
Also would be nice to have a checkbox menu where you check all the textures you wish to bake and then just click bake once to batch-bake all of them.
Of course for that you would need to change how the saving of the bake works because you’d have to set a different image to each texture type and that wouldn’t be possible in the way it works now, that you have to select the target image inside the node editor of every material you are baking, which is a pretty bad system anyways.

Being discussed here:

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