Texture Baking in EEVEE Engine

Hello developers will you guys add the bake texture,normal,ao,etc to eevee engine.with faster baking like it’s realtime rendering.it will be helpful to game designers

At least there’s a placeholder for it. :neutral_face:

Ah is this where I can complain? lol

I miss Rasterization baking (Blender Internal)

Because it doesn’t rely on rays (I think)
So that means it can bake normals and displacement and whatever else even if the meshes are intersecting.

The meshes can be in the same space of themselves and bake without issue.
So It has no issues baking between toes and hands and all that…

I hate Ray baking (Cycles Cages) because I always run into intersection issues between toes, mouth, hands and so on, and no I don’t want to add more geometry to my model.

Rasterization baking didn’t give me issues…

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Thanks for pointing this out, Im interested in doing an attempt of implementing baking for Eevee, if I can manage I can try replicating/doing something similar to what Blender internal used to do to avoid this issue.

Its my first time contributing to the project however so Im not so certain I can actually get myself to the end but I will give it a go <3


Another thing I realized about Rasterization vs Ray baking.

When you want to bake a texture onto a mesh that has a Data Transfer modifier on it which is copying the base models normals, Rays seem to get weirdly jumbled and do not bake properly onto it, distorted.

Meanwhile, in Blender Internal (Blender 2.79) the rasterization baking has 0 issues and bakes straight through the edited normals of the mesh, resulting in a clean bake, it transferred the base models texture onto the edited normals mesh with no distortion.

Some pictures:

Here you can see Blender 2.79 rasterization baking on an edited normal mesh which copies from the base model.

Now look at what Cycles in 2.93 does.

The only way I found to get around this is to smooth the baking cage and move it further away

But the result is not like 2.79 Blender Internal

He probably come in the same time as “EEVEE-REWRITE” in blender 3.1
A lot of features like

  • OpenSubdiv
  • Vulkan
  • EEVEE Global illumination
  • Culling
  • Baking

stay patient, blender 3.X series focus on eevee, performance and viewport :slight_smile:

I hope so lol
Eevee Global Illumination is fun too

Also really hoping for the UDIM baking

WIP in 3.1 :wink: Sure !