Terrible zoom, an improvement is needed

Navigation in Blender is smooth, modern and fast, but the scrolling zoom is terrible, it looks out of date, in other software it looks much better. On a large 4k monitor, it looks even worse, you can get dizzy after several consecutive zooms.

Blender is incredible software, I think it deserves special attention in this matter!

Thank you very much development team, I love Blender very much.

What’s the issue exactly? :thinking:

The scroll zoom is not smooth, there is no smoothing between each scroll, it seems to be skipping frames asynchronously and inconsistently, the same happens when holding (+ or -).

On large 4k screens, it is much more noticeable, you may even feel dizzy.

This does not happen in other softwares.

Ah gotcha, in other apps is a lot smoother yeah…

But if you zoom using ctrl + middle mouse, it works a lot smoother… But yeah, it would be nice if it could be fixed/improved…

Thank you very much for the video with the comparison, it helps a lot.
For some reason, it looks even worse here, maybe it’s auto depth.
Here the auto depth is making the viewport very slow.