Switch timeline to "No Sync" when creating simulation objects

With the new defaults set to “AV Sync”, running any simulation whether it’s particles, cloth, fluids, etc causes them to not simulate correctly.
Because Blender is trying to skip frames to keep up, all the sims break and have messed up caches. In the case of heavy settings it can lead to locking up Blender completely because it’s trying to calculate a whole bunch of frames at once.

Might be an idea to have a switch that detects when you’re adding a simulation object to the scene that sets the timeline to “No Sync” to avoid problems.
I know to change it, but new users will wonder why all of their simulations explode and act weird


Good point, I’ve added it to the list here:

Automatically changing a setting like this is not ideal, but I guess in practice solves most of the problem. We could also have different defaults in the General and Video Editing templates.

I guess the smarter solution would be to automatically force physics frames to be simulated when there is no cache, even if AV sync is on.

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Yeah, forcing it in the background is a good idea. That way, when they’re cached you wouldn’t have to switch back between modes for realtime playback. Thanks for adding it to the list.