Swapping - pan and rotate

Wouldn’t it be logical to swap the middle mouse button behavior for consistency? In every editor the middle mouse button is used for panning but in the 3d view it’s used to rotate.
I think now is the perfect chance to swap it - major release. So many things have changed in the ui already messing with people habits, i think one more thing wouldn’t hurt. People will whine for a while, then they will adapt as always :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Personally i set my middle mouse button to pan and Alt+MMB to rotate since i always have my thumb on the alt key.

please no… For me that is one of the nice things about the interaction with the viewport… Usually you rotate around an object more than you pan around, so not having a modifier-key on the rotation is usually faster…

Hmm, only one opinion. No more yey’s or ney’s? I guess constancy and navigation isn’t that important then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s actually not true. Often people spend substantial amount of time in world axis aligned ortho views (top/left/front, etc…), where you almost exclusively pan, because orbiting, even a little, throws you out of that aligned view. In free perspective view or free ortho view, you do both, in aligned views, you do only one. In all the other editors, like UV, Node editor, Image view, and so on, which are 2D, you also only pan. So not only is the panning a lot more common operation overall, it’s also more common in the 3D view itself.

I am not saying this needs to be changed by default, since anyone can change it themselves super easily, I am just pointing out that assumption that rotation is more frequent than panning is not true.

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It is for me. Sculpting/modeling requires a LOT of rotation.

Yes, I was talking about overall Blender usage, not a specific task or editor.

Swapping cound be view specific for example:
in 3d mode, middle mouse rotates
in top, side, etc view (2d), middle mouse pans like in node editors

I’d like a setting to do this or a way to pan with the middle and right mouse buttons pressed for accessibility. Also depending on what I’m modelling it’s also nice to be able to change the setting time to time.