Supersampling / downsampling

Hi Is there a way in Blender to use supersampling / downsampling for the Viewport?
In most 3D Tools i work with, there is a way of archieving this- also Games and the Game-engines offer a simple “factor” interface to adjust that.
It means rendering the Viewport in a higher resolution then your current Screen,(usually by a factor, 2,3,4), and then scaleing it down to your screens native resolution. giving you a quite bruteforce approach to AA, and blures the image a littlebit…
This is also a popular way of dealing with HMD devices, (Vive, Occulus etc) as their resolution is usually quite limited, and that way you have the impression of a higher resolution.
Its quite a nice effect, as it is working in realtime, and is no post effect.
and as long as your graphicscard is fast enough to give you a decent framerate, it is a simple but great realtime effect.
Does Blender´s code have a hidden option for doing this as well?

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Try the “Branched Path Tracing” option.

Thats not really what I wanted,
Plus this would only work in cycles.
I managed to find a workaround- but its not very elegant.
I manged to change some Settings on another workstation, one that had a GamingCard installed, (Cuadros are not supporting that feature)
The feature i needed was DSR, Dynamic Super resolution.
So I was able to Output a Supersampled image on my Presentation Screen,and it worked perfectly.
Still it feld a bit hacky to have to change that Supersampling resolution on a System-wide Level…
Would be great If blender would simply expose a option for That. (Other Tools I Use Like Vred, Alias do that)