Sunsetting mailing lists - Proposal

Mailing lists have been a vital component of the Blender development ecosystem. It all started with bf-committers, and grew up to 70 lists over the years. With the introduction of more advanced discussion platforms such as, and the rise of social media, communication around Blender development has evolved.

The use of has been in decline for a few years now, with most content being simply reposted from other channels.

For this reason I suggest to retire mailing lists in the near future (a few weeks), and fully move their function to The concept of “mailing list” will change. Contributors are invited to participate in discussions or start a new topic by choosing a category (technical feedback, meeting report, etc) and then tag it with an “area of interest” or “module”.

It is possible to set up email notifications for categories, so the original "mailing list” experience can be somewhat re-created. If you are subscribed to bf-committers, you can instead watch the announcements category to get all important announcements.

The existing mailing list will become read-only, and will be available at

The admin team is aligned on this topic, feedback from everyone on this proposal is welcome.


oh mailman (The software that actually runs our mailing list), you served us well, you kept us together and did a wonderful job at that, but you’re old now, email isn’t as popular as it used to be, security is much harder than it used to be, emailing people their password just in case they forgot is just isn’t OK any more…

go rest mailman, you deserved it.


Mailing lists have a “slow charm” that’s probably gone for good. I stalk development on gitea anyway now… so long

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So long, and thanks for all the phish.