Suggestions for Blender Features 1

Suggestions for features to add to Blender

Image Editor Improvements ---- The Blender Image Editor could be better with some basic tools found in full standalone image editors
- Distortion tools like bulge, pinch, and twist
- Grease Pencil support for textures and images in the image editor
- Eraser tool to quickly and easily matte out parts of images and renders without complex keying setups in the compositor
These tools would help Blender come up to the standards of other editors and reduce the need to switch between programs to do simple edits to images

Blender needs some improvements for the video editor too:
- Audio and Video sequencing with multiple tracks
- Editing tools like razor, split, slide, etc.
- Video effects such as color adjustments, keying, glow, etc.
- Audio effects like Noise reduction, lowpass, equalizer, etc.

Text Texture - A texture type that allows you to easily generate text to use in materials
- Availible in different colors, fonts, weights, and styles

Cycles Viewport Denoising - Denoising is key to getting a good render and seeing how something looks rendered. Support for Cycles Denoising in the viewport would be extremely helpful, even if it was a lighter denoising to retain performance

New Edit Mode Selection Options
- Select all Edge Loops - Selects all edge loops in the mesh if nothing is selected, and all edge loops in the area selected if edges are selected
- Select all Edge Rings - Selects all edge rings in the mesh if nothing is selected, and all edge rings in the area selected if edges are selected
- Select Visible - Selects all vertices that are visible from the current viewpoint. Equivalent to making a box select of the entire viewport screen
- Select Open - Selects all vertices that are visible by orbiting 360 degrees around the mesh
- Select Inner - Selects all vertices that are within another manifold part of a mesh, but not connected to it

New Modifiers
- Cut From Texture - Creates Edges on the mesh according to a texture
- Gouge Edges - Cuts shaped trenches on the edges of the mesh
- Max Angle - The maximum angle for the faces of the edges for the modifier to be applied

Quick Rig Quick Effect
- Creates an armature, names is MESHNAME_Rig, and centers it to the mesh
- Parents the mesh to the armature
- Creates a new vertex group (if needed) on the mesh, and names it Bone
- Adds an armature deform modifier to the bottom of the mesh’s modifier stack

V-ray support

Layered Shader Node
- Mimics two different shaders being layered on top of each other
- Adjust the thickness of each layer
- The BSDF inputs must both be surface or both be volume; You cannot have one surface and the other volume
- Useful for materials like car paint, pearl, and fruit
Stylus Control Option for tools and brushes
- Using a stylus can be helpful in many programs, and the pressure control can be added to ease the control of tools
- Tools and brushes should have an option that determines what changing the pen pressure does to the tool being used
- Changing the pen pressure could control the weight when weight painting, the strength or size on sculpting tools, or the speed of scaling when using the scale tool

2D Bones
- Support for bones in grease pencil strokes