Suggestions for Blender 2.8


I have been following Blender 2.8 for almost a whole year now and I love the progress being made with EEVEE, Cycles, and Clay. I do have a few suggestions though.

First, I think that the layout is confusing. I mean, why is there a whole “rendering engine” dedicated to modeling called Clay? Why is Cycles always in rendering mode? And why is EEVEE counted as its own engine when it clearly uses Cycles materials? I think that it would be a great idea to combine all the engines as one since they all are part of cycles. You could avoid a lot of confusion by having the familiar setup of the previous versions of Blender with one PBR engine. Cycles could instead be called “Rendered view” or “Raytraced” and EEVEE could be “material view” and then Clay could be “modeling view.” That way people aren’t confused with the multiple engines. It would also be easier that way because people may want to do their final render in Cycles so they could have the rendered view up in a corner and then EEVEE in the other so that they could get real-time feedback but still see their final result. There could even be a game mode for when EEVEE is implemented into the game engine so that it just disables cycles and enables all the game options and code.

That brings me to my next topic, the game engine. I personally love the Blender Game Engine and have used it to make all my games. And because of that, I’ve found many bugs that have just driven me insane! Particles would be really great to have in the game engine, at least hair rendering. Level design that involves trees, grass, or rocks, etc. to be placed around the map is frustrating with the game engine because you have to go to a separate rendering engine to set up the particles and then you have to convert them before you can use them. That means that If you change the look of a tree, or the LOD settings for a particle you have to redo the whole thing from scratch. Next, terrain. Every major game engine has a terrain editor of some sort. sure you can model or sculpt the terrain like you would any other model in Blender, but it doesn’t dynamically adjust its detail. That means that in order to use detailed terrain the developer must cut the terrain into several pieces and make levels of detail to each piece manually which means that it would be really hard to make a last-minute design change as it would require remodeling the terrain. We need terrain that automatically gets more or less detailed depending on how far the camera is from it. My next big complaint about the game engine is its very basic visual scripting format. While logic bricks are nice to have, they can be a real pain to use because they’re disorganized and require a lot of bricks to do something simple. I feel like Blender’s game engine could really benefit its game developers if it had a nodal logic system similar to Unreal Engine’s. Also, something random that is a common problem with BGE is the text material. People always want to use a real material in their text and they can’t change their text color. They don’t know that they have to use the object color option. Maybe the material color could just affect the object color.

One more thing that I feel could be improved: the video sequence editor. Currently it is easy to use and is somewhat powerful, but it lacks many things that a dedicated video editor would have. For instance, many people have to speed up video clips and audio clips but in order to speed up audio, they need to use an external program. This is very time-consuming and should be unnecessary. I use the VSE all the time (almost every week) and I have to edit at less than 480p in order to get decent frame rates. I can also use a dedicated and more feature-rich video editor like Kdenlive and edit in full 1080p with decent framerates. Also, fonts. Many people complain about this on Stack Exchange. In the VSE, when using the text filter, you are locked into one tacky font which everyone hates. It would be awesome if we could set a custom font here. One last thing, we need more effects. Something simple like vignette or noise would be nice. Especially something like a green screen. I’ve had countless times when I needed to do a greenscreen effect but I would have to use compositing. Blender VSE could really benefit from this feature.

I know that this may not seem important to most Blender users, but I have been on forums where people said that they donated hundreds to Blender for the game engine to improve but it didn’t, I’ve read countless posts in Blender forums with people complaining about a lack of features in the Video Sequence Editor, and a handful of posts with people saying they dislike the current implementation of 2.8’s engine system and how it’s too confusing. While Blender’s main focus should definitely be on modeling and animation, it is still very important to keep every part of Blender useful and important.

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Let me try and answer a few of your questions/concerns:

  1. Render Engines

It doesn’t. EEVEE is a real time engine, whereas Cycles is a pathtracer engine. The goal is to make the materials compatible with one another, but they are not the same (they can’t because of the trade-of: computing time vs. realism).

  1. Game Engine
    Well, the game engine will be no more with 2.80. It’s sad in a way, but I think there never was really good support for it. I think the better approach here is to work on 3rd-party engine integration (like the Godot Engine), which they are thinking about.

  2. Video Sequence Editor
    I agree that the VSE need to be worked on, and it will be.

Changing the speed of video or audio can be done using the Speed Control modifier(
For optimal playback and editing speed, you might want to look at proxys ( But as I said, I agree that this part of blender needs to be improved further.

There will always be a part of the blender community that is unhappy with the changes. You cannot satisfy everyone. But I think, so far, the changes that are coming with Blender 2.8 are for the greater good. Blender has come a long way if you look back 10 or even 5 years!


You can already do chromakey effects in the VSE itself (rouse a compositor scene strip). Simply arrange some adjustment layers and color modifiers to target a hue then change it into a B&W image, theres your key. It may seem fidlly but really the VSE is not designed to do complicated VFX work, so if you want to achieve that you can always build it yourself (like in the rest of Blender). Also see my YT tutorial on this effect.

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