Suggestion for edit mode and nurbs surface

Hi have good evening
I have a suggestion for Blender developers that can help the Blender community grow.
If you can run a tool such as a measuring tool or other tools in software such as Autodesk AutoCAD in the blender .
If we add this tools to Blender, we can attract people who use other software to Blender,for example, we do not have any tools to determine the exact distance between two vertices in editing mode.and even Blender can replace many of those softwares.

And here is another suggestion I have
We have many tools for editing mesh in Blender, but no tools for editing nurbs surface
many car designers use software such as Rhino and Alias ​​that are based on nurbs surface In addition to the tools they have, they are much more accurate and efficient than the mesh. By adding these tools, we are both a great help to the industry and a larger community that makes Blender a versatile software.


Blender does have NURBS splines and surfaces, but the functionality is very basic.

There is an old Google Summer Of Code NURBS project that is still in the pipeline to be implemented in Blender, but I don’t know its status at the moment.

Generally speaking I guess NURBS are a bit too industry-specific to get much attention in a 3D editor that is predominantly aimed at animation production.