Suggestion for an attribution tag for the outliner or object properties

Working in open source software we are frequently using models, textures, hdris, lights, etc that come from various places. We try to be good citizens of the open source community and reference where they came from, but keeping an updated list in an editor window can be confusing, particularly if we keep changing them. One feature that would make this easier would be if each object, texture, etc had a simple variable associated with it where we could include the source for creative commons assets versus assets we created. For example, in the properties panel for a node group there could be a drop down menu with all the previous attributes we’ve already used and we just click a source or add one if it’s not there. Perhaps there could also be a field for what license a particular asset has as well. Then we might have an option to filter by source in the outliner and perhaps even be able to output an attribution list of all the items we’re currently using in our scene. This way we could easily keep track of who made what and assign proper credit. I know this is a far less sexy feature than many other things coming to 2.8, but content creators should be recognized whenever possible and this would be a good way of aiding in that.

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