Suggestion: dynamic tools

I dont use gizmos at all but just a suggestion in form of gif.
Activating a transform shortcut also activates the related tool.


You are mixing very different concepts.
The immediate activation of tools by using hotkeys, as seen in blender, is actually something that always seemed like a bug to me tbh. Only hardcore blender users love it. lol.
Modal and active tools are different worlds.

anyway, it will go to my list of custom fixes.

Fixes? Lol.
Nothing is broken there. It’s more like “excessive legacy love”.
Let it go, and embrace the future proof active tools. :slight_smile:

I call it a fix because I preffer that way, I dont like the tool system at all, its just uncessesary clicks, if I can avoid using it, I will do!
yeah maybe just a customization, hopefully, devs dont remove python support in the future.

Its a fix to my workflow.

Not really. This actually saves you from hundreds of unnecessary keystrokes.

my left hand is faster.

also, going in your logic, why dont you use a virtual keyboard, will save you a few million keystrokes.

Now that makes no sense.

But yeah, keep in mind, hotkeys are not always better/faster, this is a myth. With well implemented active tools you can do more with less hassle.

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some day I want to see how fast can you go without loosing quality, lets make a free style speedmodeling thread? just for fun.

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