Subsurface Translucency in real time sculpting with Eevee

I just build Blender and I noticed with recent changes that sculpting with Multires in Eevee rendered view, changes are updated in real time.
I wonder if it is in the plans to support Subsurface Translucency for real time sculpting. This would be great for example to sculpt small details where you need good Subsurface Translucency, for example when sculpt ears.

Or maybe this is not implemented because it is too expensive to sculpt performance?

Ok, there is no problem with the fact that nobody has answered :stuck_out_tongue:
I suppose then that materials with Subsurface Translucency not being updated in real time in Eevee while you sculpt is not a bug, and this is because it has not yet been implemented or has been decided not to be implemented intentionally.