Subsections for the user feedback area


I understand the splitting of this forum into a developer part and a user feedback part, but I’d suggest splitting the forum into two equal sections, each with clear subsections, in stead of limiting user-developer interaction to a single “Other Topics” section filled with one messy list of user feedback topics.

I’d be willing to moderate it voluntarily, like I do at the Blender Artists forum.


It’s not obvious, but there are three distinct sections within “Other Topics”: Python API, User Feedback, and Usability. I don’t know if they’re fully fledged sections, but they are tagged in some way to keep them separated. I had the same dilemma as you, but once I found the Python API ‘section’ I was content.

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And hidden on the front page when you’re logged in. Great!



If there’s an effort to hide/separate those sections, then why not just shut down that “unwanted other topics” section entirely? :upside_down_face:

Agreed , i would even say make more specific subsections so Devs can filter the most important feedbacks like UI/UX, usability , technical issues whatver is needed.

I recently had a heated debate with someone who came from nowhere and got upset for me using the term “Industry Standard” and the conversation derailed quickly from the main topic and you could sense the Devs fraustration since they closed it with a furious comment that shut down the whole point of what the OP was trying to make.

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Ah, I hadn’t discovered that yet, thanks for the pointer. Nice, but it’d be better if the user subsections would be visible on the main page as well, so you can notice the subsections right away and directly navigate to them.

My moderation offer still stands by the way. :slightly_smiling_face:

Agreed, the only way I’ve found to navigate between the sections is to click on ‘other topics’ and then change the dropdown from ‘all’ to the subsection I’m interested in. Definitely not convenient, but workable in the short term.

I think that frustration comes from the fact that similar arguments keep getting rehashed. I don’t think I’ve seen any compelling discussion (heated or otherwise) get shut down on devtalk. The unfortunate reality is that low-effort arguments are a huge distraction for devs. There are only a small handful of full-time devs getting paid to work on Blender, so any time spent explaining and re-explaining the same rationale takes away from meaningful development- especially when those discussions break out into semantic debates about ‘industry standard’.

Another unfortunate reality is that as Blender gets more popular, devtalk is going to be awash with more and more armchair software designers who have very passionate ideas about what Blender should be- and as that happens, real development discussion will retreat further into less accessible (or less obvious) means of communication, or move to private channels altogether.

I think @MetinSeven’s idea of having some kind of community moderation for the community-focused categories could help ensure that devs don’t have to spend any additional time policing the forum.

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It is a per-user setting. New users get it unmuted, but old users have by default the “User Feedback” and “Usability” sections silenced (for reasons that are beyond this thread).

Go in : (replaced with your username instead) and unmute the categories.


Thanks, @dfelinto. Just let me know if you could use an experienced Blender forum moderator (click on my name for some info). :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, I sent you an email. Welcome to the moderation team :slight_smile:


Great, thanks! I am honored. :+1:

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@MetinSeven Thank you, I missed this topic. I was just expecting a topic like this to be in the “Site Feedback” section. So, repost with additions.

The name “Other Topics” looks kind of humiliating/insulting, as if it doesn’t matter.

“User Feedback” and “Usability” are all about UI/UX design, while “Python API” is about coding. And when you go to the “Other Topics” section, you see everything jumbled together. So it would be better (user friendly) with two separate categories.

Also, topics that could be considered as feature requests, bug reports or irrelevant could be moved to a separate trash/offtopic category (if you do not want to delete such).

Something like this:

  • UI/UX Design
    • User Feedback
    • Usability
  • Python API
  • Other Topics

Now it is unclear how “Other Topics”, “User Feedback” and “Usability” differ from each other. And I also don’t like that you can post directly to “Other Topics” without a subsection. The nesting and multi-leveling is a bit confusing.

I think there should be a pretty simple structure for now.

  • “User Feedback” - UI/UX design discussions, main section. There may be pinned topics here instead of subsections. I noticed that users prefer to write in one large topic rather than creating a separate one, it gives more feedback.
  • “Usability” (need to rename) - It’s more like reports with ready-made solutions without much further discussion, that developers can use as a guide. Possibly closed to users to create new topics.
  • “Python API” - Python discussions.
  • “Other Topics” - Move non-constructive topics here so they don’t get in the way in other sections.