Where is the user feedback forum?

Where is the user feedback forum?


From the mailing list.

Dear all,

Following some discussions with other blender foundation admins and
developers, I finally tweaked the devtalk site (devtalk.blender.org). It
now has a more clear separation between the parts where the developers are
expected to be more involved, and the ones self-managed by the community.
The initial message in the site was also updated. Its initial paragraph now

"This is a dedicated place for Blender module teams to reach out to
contributors - development questions are welcome."

Changes breakdown:
* There is a new "Other Topics" category to aggregate all the self-managed
* "User Feedback" was moved inside "Other Topics".
* "Paper Cuts" was renamed "Usability" and moved inside "Other Topics".
* "Python" was renamed "Python API" and moved inside"Other Topics".

Thank you,

I missed that :slight_smile:


The name “Other Topics” looks kind of humiliating/insulting, as if it doesn’t matter.

“User Feedback” and “Usability” are all about UI/UX design, while “Python API” is about coding. And when you go to the “Other Topics” section, you see everything jumbled together. So it would be better (user friendly) with two separate categories.

Also, topics that could be considered as feature requests, bug reports or irrelevant could be moved to a separate trash/offtopic category (if you do not want to delete such).

Something like this:

  • UI/UX Design
    • User Feedback
    • Usability
  • Python API
  • Other Topics

@dfelinto @LazyDodo

The Other Topics section already has subsections. You might need to go to your user preferences to make them unhidden by default. This has already been discussed here, so please use that thread for further discussion, thanks:

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