Subpanels Problems

In this example, it is impossible to reach simulation settings under Edges subpanels without scrolling or closing Cache subpanel.

So, most common settings (enabling/diabling effect of simulation, simulation start/end, update/bake buttons, simulation settings, Gravity weight, performance settings under Solver subpanel), user can not display all of them at same time.

And using a grid layout does not improve a lot the situation.

In 2.79, you can move unused panels at the bottom of the column and hide them.
Here, for physics, almost every panel became a subpanel of panel effect but at a fixed position.
User can close a subpanel but its header is still annoying him.

In order to gain vertical space, is it possible to turn closed subpanels into tabs on one line at the end of panel ?
A system that would not prevent user to open several subpanels at same time, but just to group closed ones.

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