Stereo Rendering Issue: Individual File Suffix Is Added After Number Pad (Breaks Downstream):

When rendering individual L and R images using the stereo settings, the suffix (in my case _L and _R) is added between the number pad and the file extension, which breaks all tools downstream as the images are not recognized as image sequences. I can solve it with renaming, but this is an annoying extra step that’s easy to solve. It’s further worth mentioning that many VFX pipelines mandate that the last 3 items in a file name be [VERSION].[NUMBERPAD].[EXTENSION] or [VERSION]_[NUMBERPAD].[EXTENSION], so this suffix is going to force a rename in any pipeline that uses Blender to render stereo. Here is an example of what it does currently:


And here is what it should do in order to work downstream:


Another suggestion would be to add an option to render these images to individual folders, as rendering the views into their own subfolders would be useful for keeping everything organized.