SSR overscan for viewport render (EEVEE)

1 day ago i found that i can render my camera animation directly from viewport. this method is similar like ue4 video capture. this allows you to render animation without recalculating the scene for every frame, wich reduces the total render time drastically. one thing i noted that in this rendering method the overscan feature does not work. it’s not critical for me now but i would really like to see it working also for viewport rendering so the artists will be able to make high quality animations even faster. what do you think ? is it possible to make it real ?
in the video bellow you may note that some reflections are changing when they get to the sceen edge. but overall this video was made very fast and i am pretty satisfied of that.

to be more clear: is it possible to have Screen Space Reflections Overscan feature also in viewport rendering?



I agree, this would be a welcome addition.