sRGB/Linear color values and FBX Exports

I am not sure whether this is a bug, desired behaviour or a feature request, so if this should go somewhere else, excuses in advance.
The cool thing but also the problem I’m having is that the color picker in the materials immediately converts the picked color from sRGB to linear but then apparently only exports the corrected value with an FBX file.
So if I either pick or input the Color for HexCode “EC86A2” on export it will be changed to the darker version with HexCode "D63E5D"

The problem here is that the actual color value saved in meshes are needed for baking and further editing for example in Substance Painter. Either because the color value is needed as a base or as an automated mask.

If there already is a way to actually export out an Uncorrected Gamma value I don’t know how and I never got any help on the forum, either. I think that either the FBX exporter should have an extra field to export the uncorrected value or maybe the Color field chould offer a toggle for using uncorrected values.