Spreadsheet Editor: Features Feedback

Hi, I am creating this thread with the intention of collecting feedback from the community for the Spreadsheet Editor. I am interested in adding new features for the Spreadsheet Editor. Here are the two things that I have worked on so far, much thanks to Jacques Lucke’s guidance, they are not merged in master yet -

Here are some of the ideas I had:

  • Filter to Display Top 10 Rows, Bottom 10 Rows etc. (Any N rows)
  • Add a Menu in the header like “View”, “Select”, “Add” (also so that my Export as CSV gets a nice place in the header :smiley: )

People who are using Spreadsheet Editor in their projects, could you comment/reply and let me know-

  • What features are you guys missing?
  • What more could be added keeping in mind from a 3D software’s perspective?

About me: I am a volunteer developer and have previously worked with the Automated Testing side of things as part of my 2 GSoCs. I would like to contribute and would like your help.
What will I do with the ideas/suggestions and features:
I will create a design proposal and pitch to the #geometry-nodes module team. And then start working on it. Since this involves more design choices than I expected, it might take time, thank you for the patience.
Things to keep in mind: I am still a newer developer, so whether I can work on a project would also depend on the availability of other developers and help I get when I get stuck.

All suggestions are welcome! Feel free to reply to this thread.
Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


Like, be able to click to select mesh components like vertices for example… (synced with the viewport obviously)

Box select should work there too of course… :slightly_smiling_face:

Also double click the values to edit it would be handy too…
Basically make it work more like an actual editor, instead of a “viewer”… :wink:


This 100%, and also taking into account visibility of parts of the mesh (maybe add a column visible/hidden in the spreadsheet and add it as a filter?).

Csv import. Now I can set values as input but only by hand. I am modelling an area with houses (blocks). Csv export would be excellent.

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I also want to express my support for CSV import in some manner to drive creation from external data.

Since the spreadsheet just visualizes existing Blender data, import is more of a request for other areas like geometry nodes than it is about the spreadsheet.

Making spreadsheet into an actual Editor is by far the most useful feature

I imagine that once the spreadsheet is an editor, import would just be another way of editing. Then data is flowing two ways already. If the import is same in rows etc as existing.

@Calra Thanks for building the CS export. As an Scientist, that use blender geo-nodes for parametric reconstruction of buildings from mediavel age, I appreciate the ide of this tool. But it looks like that it is only patch D12546… Is there a way to place it into version 3.1.? I really need it for mine diploma…

And second idea… would be also awesome, if there will be a node that alowes run python crypt (like analyse/statistics) through data in preadsheet (results as IDs?).

The patch has now been updated for newer nodes (Blender 3.1). The older build for the patch is available, for older nodes. Blender Builds - blender.org
Can try out the build D12546. Will update when a new build is available.
I think @LazyDodo made an addon for attaching a python script using a node, I can’t recall the name at the moment.
Edit: The same link has the newer version available now.