Special particle system category

Would it be possible to have dedicated particle system category and meetings concerning particle system?
For example for improving existing and new usuability for particle system.

Simulation is a topic for this year, but this is still in the early design stages. If you like to follow the progress, you can check on the Geometry Nodes meeting notes already.

Adding another forum category is up to the module teams.

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Will Simulation expand only geometry nodes or old particle system UI and it’s functionality and features as well?

The node based simulation system is meant to replace the particle system and other systems like dynamic paint and eventually the other physics modifiers also.

What about expanding classical particle system UI with faster workflow and new features?

That isn’t planned. The old particle code is “old” and hard to work with, and the design doesn’t have the flexibility needed.

Would it be possible along with Simulation nodes to design new UI workflow for faster particle setup only with one click action?
Similar as old UI workflow with submodules (emission, velocity, vector fields, children, textures …) but working with new flexibility of simulation nodes.

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GN is a visual programming language, so, technically, switching to GN realization is a raising abstraction level.

Raising abstraction level is always about reaching more “meta” - less discoverability and less clean manageability.

It is like managing one versatile modifier with operation selector instead of clearly formed different modifiers. This can cause problems, for example for projects manageability.

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I was having in mind a stack of particles nodes which are visible from the beginning and users initializes parameters for the the ones they need.
There could be more nodes are they are developed, and some nodes could contain subnodes to formulate a particles system or a sub-particle system. Maybe some nodes could be interactive to point a target or physics forces in 3d space viewport.
This would be more focused for artists.

It’s just a mock-up. It can be more detailed or redesigned.

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