Source Sleuths: Alignment Issue

I’m just hoping to call upon the skills of any other amateur source sleuths to something that is driving me crazy…

If you start with the Blender default workspace, change each of the four editors to 3D Viewports. Drag them closer together and you will see that one is not like the other:


Three of them are completely consistent, while the one at top-left is moved one pixel to the right and one pixel up. It is always one pixel regardless of scale so if you set the Resolution Scale to 2X or any other value the difference will remain one pixel.

I have looked at what seems like everything but have run into nothing but dead ends. I am hoping that some kind soul with a fresh pair of eyes will see something I cannot.

I don’t have a solution, but possibly another example of the same issue?
The UI on a fully collapsed timeline is not centered to the space. Small issue, but it would look a bit better fixed. I’ll look when I get a chance.

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I’m pretty sure it is related as I’ve seen that before. My example usually works to illustrate the problem but sometime I can close / split / rearrange and have a different result. I have just not found anything that ties it together. And examining the sizes and positions of all the regions they all seem perfect.

It’s probably some silly little thing but I’m just not seeing it.

Check through these

Wanted to push buttons closer together in the 3dheader, something in there is probably doing that as well

Thanks! But, I know those files far too well now. LOL.

Trying to push them closer together? Interesting. Do have a mockup of what you are trying to do?

I see that on your capture on that thread you are using the collapse menu feature. Should we change that “hamburger” icon change to a “vertical ellipse” now? That seems to be the current flavor of icon for that type of thing now.

If I had to choose I would say keep it hamburger. Reasoning is most vertical elipse I come across are on my phone and they are always a single menu rather than a multimenu. Probably has little to do with the design intentions but that’s the association I have.

Rest of the header I will use is going to be a toolbar, not sure what tools but probably going to be full all the way across

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