[SOLVED]Optix Denoiser error with 2.91 alpha - OPTIX_ERROR_INVALID_VALUE in optixModuleCreateFromPTX

In one of our machines we are getting this Optix error if we try to use the denoiser, the render with optix works, the GPU is a GTX1080, in a different system we have the same GPU and it’s working fine, the drivers are the latest 450:

Error: OPTIX_ERROR_INVALID_VALUE in optixModuleCreateFromPTX(context, &module_options, &pipeline_options, ptx_data.data(), ptx_data.size(), nullptr, 0, &optix_module) (device_optix.cpp:426)

Some ideas are welcome, since we cannot render with the optix denoiser.

BTW Optix denoiser works in 2.83.2, we are testing now 2.90 beta


The problem was that there was something corrupt in the userpref.blend, deleting it and reconfiguring blender solved the problem.

I’m not sure why this happened.