(SOLVED) Left Click Object Selection in viewport inaccurate or not doing any selection in 50 % of the cases

Blender 2.81 a . Is this a known bug ? Object selection in viewport by left click is very inaccurate, many times doesnt select whats beneath the cursor at all, or it selects completely other object. Sometimes requires double clicking but even in that case isnt accurate.

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SOLVED : OpenGL Depth Picking enabled under Viewport > Selection seems to cause it. Its on By default


No gifs/specs?..

Im currently locked with an old low end laptop. Im happy I could even install and run Blender. I have also Max and Maya installed and I cant do modeling with no particular issues (I just used to Some legacy viewports engines there) This selection issues dint happened until I recently switched from 2.81 to 2.81 a. Its probably due to outdated graphics but yeah Ive seen many select issues reported by users so I hope thats causing it. iDoes Blender have a compatibility mode in order to get rid of this issue and some UI flashing ?

I don’t think so.
Without a decent graphics card, 2.8 is useless.

Can you be more specific about how the selection is failing? Does selection fail most often when objects are overlapping/occluding each other? Side by side? Does it fail when you move around your cursor between clicks vs no movement? Does selection fail when objects are alone in the scene?

The more precise you can be in your understanding of the issues, the better others can help you with advice.

nope the objects can be far apart, it doesnt matter if I zoom in and out and do the selections, Ive hidden the camera and light but still fails in the manners Ive described. Double clicking seems to have more rate of doing the selections however. For Now Im fine with doing small click drag box selections to select in the viewport

Just out of curiosity, does changing Viewport->Selection->OpenGL Depth Picking in User Prefs change anything?

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It seems its working right now. It was on I disabled it. Big Thanks

This was a troubling issue for me until I found the solution which is to minimize and maximize.

THANK YOU SO MUCH. I registered an account just now so I could say thank you. This has been such an annoying problem for me.

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Thank you so much I have been struggling with this for ages

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