[solved] Are UI guides accessible via Python? (Ex. Edge Loops guides)

Wouldn’t be surprised if this functionality is reserved for the Blender build, but below is what I’m trying to do:


This is an edge loop before it has been set. Note the bright UI guide along the middle parameter of the shape. I’m wondering if a UI guide like that can be initialized/controlled via Python. And what about in other contexts (such as the UV editor)?

I’d expect UI guides to be documented with the UI Operators, but haven’t see anything promising. Some of the functions in the Freestyle section mention an interface and are ambiguous enough to maybe fit the bill.

There are no “UI Guides” as you describe them, but you have the ability to write custom GL draw handlers and shaders to do pretty much anything you want. The ‘guides’ you see in that screenshot are drawn using this method. Here’s something I’ve done in the past that uses this method:

The blender GL api has quite a lot of documentation and examples if you’re interested in pursuing it, but if you’re not familiar with GL or shaders (or if your GL knowledge is based around fixed function pipelines), you might find it a bit overwhelming.

edit: and to answer your question- yes, you can draw GL in any space by passing it a draw handler. Every Area in blender consists of one or more spaces, and each space has its own type. For example, the View3D space is SpaceView3D. If you want to draw GL to the outliner, you use SpaceOutliner, etc. It’s a pretty deep topic to get into, you should make sure you’re pretty familiar with the general workings of the Blender API before you jump down that hole.


Hi, I want to draw a cube ( not a blender default one. but, how BoxCutter addon draw cubes and perform a boolean to it. )
please guide me which part I should focus to do it…???
how to do it…!!!
I want to create a little automation script that perform only boolean ops. but I don’t want to buy an addon for that. I’ve python knowledge.