Solidify the 3d transform gizmos

One thing that annoys me the most is how difficult manipulating 3d objects in blender is, sure most people use the shortcuts of the modals (G R S) but the gizmos give quicker and more control for fine tuning movements which are used often but neglected in developement.
Blender is cumbersome in this part and in the latest versions 3.0 and up there seems to be some “unplanned” changes if I’m not mistaken the gizmos from the “viewport gizmos” are always drawn while the ones from toolbar are not hence I didn’t know if it should be reported as a bug or make a claim here.

the rotate Gizmo from the viewport gizmos draws all axes when transforming.

The rotate gizmo from the toolbar draws only the selected axis.

my suggestion is to rework the 3d transform gizmos and even maybe the other ones to be more intuitive and standard like other DCCs with extra features and polish that are missing , I know that blender is unique since it has the the modal ones ,so maybe separate the two functionalities especially with the drag from anywhere thing that is required for G R S to be used for.
The feel and user experience are really lacking here so please don’t forget it.
Thank you.

is this the wrong place to talk about it? !!!