Snapping to closest vertex in object mode

Hello, It would be great if someone could bring back snap to closest vertex in object mode. I’m sure this was possible before. I’m not sure if my blender is bugged or if this is intended but when i try to snap an object to closest vertex in object mode it only snaps to the vertices on the edge of the selected object (bounding box)… It doesn’t matter what i set “Transform Pivot Point” or the “snap with” options… Please make this possible again…

This would make Alt-D duplicates more useful as it would be easier to edit their location in object mode while keeping the original copy in the same place. If I snap to closest in edit mode, the original copy will also move location…

It would also solve the problem of origin not sticking to the object while moving it around.

Please fix this or tell me my blender is bugged or something( I’m sure i could do this before)…


there is an addon called npstation that used to work for this issue.
Its not a bug its by design, internal something that i cant understand, there was a brief moment in an alpha build that a base snap option was added but because didn’t work well with rotation and only in modal operators its was removed, a shame really even if it was only for translation in modal mode it would be an inprovement against not having it.
so yep in objetc mode snaps only to bounding box.
im not sure if @gfxcoder had a chance to look at this issue(limitation that fells as an issue) when worked in retopo tools.