Smart Rotoscoping

So, I am new to Blender and visual effects. I chose blender because it is really powerful tool to do everything at one place. I wanted to rotoscope an image from footage for compositing and I have some suggestions to improve it. It would be help if we have a selection tool that select the subject intelligently, much more like Photoshop’s magic wand tool. It can’t be perfect but can be helpful for long footages. I don’t know how AI works, I’m just suggesting this. What you guys think about it? Please, let me know.

So, Adobe already has it. I watched this video today - and it’s called RotoBrush. What a hell of amaze would it be if this feature would be present it Blender, isn’t it?

maybe this may help


The add-on fulfills all the need but I’m talking of an in-built tool.

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