Smart Dope Sheet

Hey guys!

I have a suggestion that would be smoother to work on Blender animations.

It would be better if we could get things automated while using Blender. For example at Dope Sheet. There’s no reason to be changing every time from Action Editor to Shape Key Editor when I click in a mesh. It would be changed automatically! When I click in a mesh while in the Action Editor, it’s good for nothing in case you’re using a object with Shape Keys linked to an Armature. This would make things easier and faster to animate.

So I suggest that it would be changed from Action Editor to Shape Key Editor automatically or vice versa in case you’re using an object linked to an Armature. Or simply have this option checked if you need it, in case you will not animate a linked to an Armature object.

So, my suggestion is: If the user choose another option than Dope Sheet, so the user will get a make sense option automatically, in this case a no transform keys Object with shape keys linked to an Armature.

Thank you so much for this space.

I hope that make sense…