Size controls option for Select Circle

I want to use ‘‘Select Circle’’ as default selection tool, but withou ability to control the size is really hard to do that. Don’t need to be dynamic like the brush select maybe just an option to change it on pref.

And why deselect with Select Circle is on Ctrl instead of shift?



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I understand why you ask it.
because if you set selection tool as circle (default), then use selection tool, the circle can not change scale
by scrolling.

then I know there is parameter (option menu), but when you adjust scale size, you can not see circle.
it is really matter, if you like circle selection. we hope to change scale with see circlle. or I do not know if I miss new option when change circle scale, to keep cirlce visible?

So I hope to recommend you, just use “normal selection tool” as default selection tool,
or simply forget the active tool, but set cursor tool as default. then use short cut as same as 2.79

I found almost only One good thing of active tool > circle selection, it can use middle mouse for rotation 3d view, so we can quick select with rotate view. but if you use short cut “c” , the circle selection use middle mouse to delete selection only. (shift + drug work to remove selection too, so it is a little pity for me.

I do not know why we can not get both? eg middle mouse rotate view, with ctrl , to remove selection,for simple short cut © circle selection. if someone complain, middle mouse work as same as before,
I hope there is setting option, in user preference…

So we need to choose which cirlce tool work better.

there is a bug on the select circle tool, if you hold LMB assuming you are using left click select and middle mouse scroll the size gizmo shows up and changes the circle size but doesn’t persist, i asked the dev to look into it a while ago since bug reporting wasn’t open yet maybe we should submit a ticket.

I know , “with keep left mouse click middle mouse scroll” it seems show same thing for left and right select user.

Then I feel, it just conflict Active selection tool > circle selection and old (I use this old circle selection ) short cut circle I think if developer do not expect it work as you mentioned.
if it is supposed (to change cirlce size, “with keep left mouse click, then scroll wheel”
it is really need to be re-consider, I feel, I seldom see such apricaiton, which need to keep left click with scroll, to change something,:expressionless:

Though I just hope to use stable circle selection. Active tool >circle selection offer me free rotation, with keep Circle seleciton as active, but it not offer changing radius as already mentioned. (it is not good, if we can not see circle untill set value. I expect, it work as same as brush size etc,) If I can set short cut, it work with
shift + scroll etc? at current, I do not tweak user preference much. so I may miss something.