Simple request for shortcut ctrl+M to calling menu for mesh in edit mode

Hi folks,

Since Normal Editing is going to be the next big thing in Blender I would like to propose to:

let the mesh menu in edit mode have it’s own shortcut ctrl + M

just like face has ctrl +F or vertex ctrl +V and edge ctrl +E

I have safely created one map with VIEW3D_MT_edit_mesh in wm.call_menu with ctrl+M

It will give us easy access to all goodies for normal editing.


Ctrl-M is currently Mirror. What should Mirror be then?

Blender replaces mirror with ctrl+shift+m automatically

But if your original concern was getting to the normals menu, we could perhaps add a shortcut for that, like Alt-N?

I think a lot of users would dislike Mirror changing to Ctrl-Shift-M.

Sure! That would be much more better. to have a dedicated normal menu.

@billrey also is it possible to give auto smooth command within this normal menu? That would be much more flexible. Thanks.
BTW I have commented it in here:

YES, YES Please!!!, If we loose all the shortcuts, at least give us easy access to menus!!

Shift + M is free…

Ctrl + M calls Mesh menu
Shift + M calls Mirror Operator!

Auto Smooth isn’t a command. It’s a mesh property.

Alright, Then can we take it in mesh option?