Show precise values in Viewport

just want to reanimate my suggestion in “UI paper cuts” topic.

Suggestion is to show precise values in viewport and in values fields
example how it’s look now, as you can see it did not show edge length correctly

when we move some objects we have nice detailed Location values
but Dimensions and Rotations lack of this
it’s only a visual inconsistency

and about free rotation I think it need to be restricted with 0.1 degree, to not get result like this (14.2458) or if it round in the view then make it exactly when I click on it,
Of course, we still can manually enter the value for the rotation angles we want
but in more cases value like 14.2781 degree after rotation is not necessary, I would say is bad, after that you need to tweak it to 14.3 or 14.2

Just to clarify: Modo also doesn’t use more or less precise values. Modo only gives you the option to define how granular coordinate rounding is applied on transforms. It’s an automatic version of evening out the values after any transform. You can deactivate coordinate snapping or fine-tune it in steps. Either way it does apply a rounding after the fact.

You can set it yourself from “None” to “Fine” as well as “Manual” with a fixed rounding step. It’s basically fine granular auto-transform snapping.
In Blender this is similar to setting incremantal snapping to Move, Rotate and Scale with a very fine tuned value.

I’m not quite sure what your proposal is, though:

  • To have this rounded a similar way like Modo does without Snapping enabled?
  • To simply show the actual, precise values Blender uses in all of the transform fields?

For rotation angles only

Cos it rounded anyway in fields before you actually click on it and see value like 14.12645

For edge length and length fields