"Show all collections" shortcut like ` in Blender 2.7x

I know, that ` shortcut is now for pie menu, but can you make possibility to set up this shortcut (optionally) for unhide all collections in viewport object mode? It will work the same like alt + H in outliner area. It’ll very helpful and speedup my work and I think that the rest users too. It is now very uncomfortable to put cursor in outliner area ant than use shortcut Alt + H to get all collections visible again.

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Try this settings, it seems index 0 is the Scene Collection:

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Work well! That solves my problem, thank you very much jenkm!!

I can’t get this working on a new install of Blender 2.8 :confused: The only solution is hovering over the Collections panel/Outliner and ALT+H. So using it in fullscreen mode is still not possible.