Should we talk about the wireframe node?

The wireframe node still shows implicit tesselation. I’ve taken this up with the devs before and while I totally understand why it does, they told me it’s no small thing to make it stop doing it. Obviously, all the sympathy in the world, but from an end user’s perspective, the node’s functionality just looks unfinished.

It’s a teensy bit of a corner case, but it’s important to many people.
Blender and Cycles put very capable software in the hands of everyone, including anyone who just wants to make a portfolio render without having to spend hundreds or even thousands. It’s no secret that wireframe renders are essential to even get a job as a modeler, and other engines seem to manage them perfectly fine. I personally am about to start teaching using Blender, and I’d like to not have to tell my students ‘now let’s take everything to Maya and Arnold because Cycles can’t do wireframes’.

I am obviously aware of the many alternative ways to achieve wireframe renders. But all of them are either hacky, heavy, ugly, inaccurate, or any combination of those. There is a wireframe shading node, why not finish it?

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Indeed, it’d be interesting to see it behave like the wireframe overlay in the popover.