Should UV tiling in Blender match other industry softs?


I’m using tiling textures a lot for my modeling tasks, and every time if I want tiling to be more then x1
I need to make custom nodes setup to match tiling algorithm in other soft.

  • Comparison with tiling UV in three softs:

P.S. I call “industry” in this case because how to call it differently?

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A little update with more convenient Node group

P.S. would be great if we can add rotation by Z axis with same node group way (the center of texture rotation at the middle of UV coordinates). Anyone have a guess how?

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with @ Markus von Broady help from blender.stackexchange
I got finally 99% imitate behavior like in “other” software (1% fail because I cant rename Rotate X Y Z to U V W without loosing angle icon values)

File to play with. Sorry for "mediafire", can't upload here simple blend file...

TBH the other apps are doing it “wrong” IMHO

From what I can see the tiling is being done from the center of the tile in both Max and Modo, while in Blender is being done from the (0,0) point, that is from where it should be expected.

However, it could be a good idea to have an option that defines if the tiling should be done from the center of the tile or from the 0,0 point, just because it could be convenient for compatibility reasons, in the same way this compatibility was added to OpenSubDiv.

EDIT: I think you can upload it if you put it inside a zip file, but I’m not sure.