Shortcut, left mouse click + right mouse click, can it be done?

I would like to ask, how difficult would it be to implement the function for a shortcut to accept 2 different mouse clicks at the same time in a click drag setup ?

So i’ve been thinking if its possible to assign the LMB + RMB in a “click drag” setup to viewport pan since i use LMB and RMB a lot and it would make panning more comfortable to use

I have my setup set to RMB view rotate, LMB select stuff in viewport, MMB view panning.
MMB can be frustrating at times since it can get fatiguing since its in a unergonomic place on the mouse right between the LMB and RMB. My cancel operation is set by double clicking RMB. Its much easier for me to use blender in a comfortable way since switching to this setup.

It would help a lot if i could assign LMB + RMB /click drag to the viewport pan

I can’t tell you the answer to whether it’s possible but whenever Mouse Button Chording is mentioned I remember from the Modo developers in a podcast, that they opted strongly against it because it apparently leads to carpal tunnel syndrome.