Shortcut detection problem for tablet users

There are 2 types of shortcuts in Blender

  1. General shortcuts that work regardless of the location of the mouse pointer. such as ‘Ctrl+S’
  2. Window specific shortcuts that work only when the mouse pointer is hovering on the specific window.
    The issue is about the second type of shortcuts that happens to tablet users.

For tablet users, Blender doesn’t recognize the mouse pointer when the tablet pen is further from the surface even though the mouse pointer stays on the window. So shortcuts that are tied to specific windows don’t work at all.
It’s very difficult to utilize shortcuts when users need to press the shortcuts with a pen in hand or require two hands to operate.

To be able to recognize the mouse pointer based on the current location regardless of the distance between the pen and the tablet surface.

Do you propose to work on this yourself? Or is it a request for someone else to work on it?

In the second case you should go to , that’s a website dedicated to feature requests.


Thank you. I will ask it to the website above.