Shortcut conflicts resolving

Currently there is no shortcut conflicts resolving.

If I assign a shortcut that is currently occupied, Blender does not warn me about anything, doesn’t ask if I want to remove this shortcut from current binding, it just assigns new shortcut.

Result: Blender’s behaviour becomes unpredictable. User thinks that new assigned shortcut should work (and it is assigned properly) but in fact, Blender still uses old shortcut.

This needs to be addressed.


I agree. It can get VERY messy very quickly. Also true when addons add their own shortcuts, and never remove - you can never tell if a hotkey is conflicting.


Additional note:
Many functions in Blender are not binded with shortcuts on shortcut list, like for example: “Create Custom Orientation” - you can find it on a list via F3 menu, but you will not find it on keymap menu. Why?

Another case: Batch Rename in 2.81 (ALT-F2) - you just have to KNOW that it exist, it isn’t listed anywhere.

A COMPLETE MADNESS. But it can be resolved:

  • all possible shortcut actions should be listed in one place. ALL.
  • you should be able to search function by shortcut (type a shortcut to find what it is binded to)
  • you should have a warning window when you overwrite existing shortcut
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