Shift + Middle Mouse Button doesn't work when Blender window is inactive

Dear Devs!

Blender 2.8 looks amazing, and I’m learning it right now to switch over after 18 years of 3dsmax.

I have pretty annoying viewport issue, especially when learning. Whenever I alt+tab to another application (to pause a tutorial video for example), and so my Blender window is inactive, when I click back into the viewport with the intention of panning using Shift + Middle Mouse Button, Blender ignores the Shift part and starts rotating the viewport instead.

I think it would improve user experience and the professional feel of the software if this problem would be solved.

Thanks for the great work and looking forward for more Blender!


This would be a bug, you can report it in the tracker:

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Thanks, I posted it in bugreport.

Did u find any solution? I got same problem in 2023 :frowning:

Everything was working fine until I upgraded to 3.5