Sharing efforts and ideas with Bforartists project possible?


I discovered the project bforartists and it seems there is a lot of good things to get from them.

Their documentation is better by example (really usable unlike Blender one that I never check because too subdivided), and they tweaked the UI with some good more industry standards concepts that could benefit Blender a lot.

Maybe instead of duplicating the efforts, team could evolve together ?

Was this a fork started because they were pissed at never successfully be able to make things evolve in Blender side ?

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in my opinion, you’re 100% right. I’m a natural pro user (3ds max) and tried out Blender several times. It’s not usable for me. But with the UI and of course the manual of bforartists is so much better, I’m not as much struggling as using pure blender.

It’s a very good suggestion, to include the beneftis of Bforartists into Blender to get it out ot it’s niche.