Shader editor rewrite

Dears Devs, i wish you an happy new years first.
i want ask you if the shader editor have a date for an eventually rewrite for add some supports like:

  • Node preview for individual Node
  • Add some nodes like :
    < –
    – Image Layer (imput in the order change the layers order)
    – Time Node and other similar
    – Edit topology with material like UE
    And many mores…
  • Cache system
  • Improve performance
  • showing list node when you drop the wire in blank space

etc etc…and many more features

i know i seen an topic in the past talking about the SHADER EDITOR need a big refresh but i don’t know where is it… This is for that i made this topic and clearly because i don’t find anything in the

Thanks you :slight_smile:

Note for moderator : is not an idea my idea was submitted on this topic ! : Right-Click Select — Blender Community Is a topic for talk about the advance and some features for Shader editor improvement / Rewrite with the Devs. Not with “Members idea community”

A topic to talk about your feature request with devs is still a feature request topic, so by the rules of this forum I’ll have to close your thread.