Shader editor node design

The new version of Blender 2.8 has changed the design of the nodes in the shader editor. The new design is not as beautiful as the old one. New connections nodes look like sticks. I ask to return the old beautiful design with smooth and beautiful connections.

Here is a comparison of the old and the new design. Also see how this is implemented in other software. All use smooth node connections.

It also seems to me that the sensitivity of navigation in the viewport of the shader editor was slightly slowed down; this is not very convenient.

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This is a theme setting, you can change that in the preferences.

Pro tip: Switch theme. :wink:

The theme must keep the old style by default, its hard to change because people asume that it is not an option

It really is necessary to be 3 options

xsi more clean and simple

That would be great
node preview and panel ui


Would it be possible to have the noodles be like the ones in substance designer (i.e. circuit board)?


i think the redesign of node/shader editor should be on hold until the “everything nodes” project gets rolling, also i would love to see atomic or basic nodes in more of list of icons like substance designer does them or a combination.


No, that’s up to you to use them or not. How about a scenario like… You just want to add a simple node and change the color? Most workspaces have the properties editor already, no need for a nodal editor, you have everything you need already.
Another scenario: You have an immensely huge graph with nodes all over the place, you keep most of them closed in order to keep some flow readability. And you need to access some material settings or change some modifiers on the fly? Well, I bet you’ll be happy to be able to have your properties editor opened on your modifiers, and you can see your entire spaghetti in a readable manner while still being able to select a node and have its settings displayed in a side panel.

And everything can be hidden and displayed back as you wish. They allow you to twist the software to your need. Here in your screenshot, they don’t make any profitable use. Just consider that as your part here: adapt the software to your need.

Use reroute nodes:

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